How To Still Make 2021 Count - NOW!!

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After a few starts and drafts to this blog post, I realized there isn't ONE answer to this question that applies to everybody. Go me….:/ !


However, what I do want to share about our “theme of the month” (see title), is this: IT’S NEVER TOO LATE. 


I know you may be feeling discouraged, and like yet another year just passed by, without you successfully turning your dream to reality, but here's something to let sink in: instead of feeling gloomy, sorry for yourself, or resentful at life circumstances that may be holding you back (mindset, finances, relationships etc.), give this perspective a try:




You have more time.


You can give yourself the space you need. And the grace.


Nope, you are not perfect and no, logistically you likely can’t do everything as quickly, efficiently, and perfectly as you always tell yourself you "should" be able to…


Because you’re human... And being a human who refuses to accept mediocrity and holds themselves to a higher standard - like I know you do - is HELLA HARD!!!


Nobody chooses ambition and greatness for the sake of ease and comfortability! And neither did you. You chose it because you know it’s worth it. And you chose it because you would rather expend ALL of your energy creating a life that's aligned with your passion and purpose, than just sit back, conform to convention, and miss out on what’s really important and meaningful to YOU.


And this is why I’m telling you right now: it is never too late. You can still make it. Just don’t lose heart and get discouraged by telling yourself that your dreams are too big, or your abilities too small... cuz that's the negativity of naysayers/haters...


Give yourself some grace, buckle down for the long haul, and let's enjoy this crazy ride :)




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