How To Create Niche-Specific Kickass Content That Sells - Consistently!

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Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned entrepreneur, it’s no secret that content is the crux of successful Instagram brands! Through content, brands on Instagram communicate their value, attract interested followers to their account, teach, entertain, inspire - and yes, the most frenzied, coveted thing of all: sell their goods/services.

(note: “content” refers specifically to IG posts, stories, and highlights in this article)


The most popular software tools out there for creating kickass content are intuitive and fairly easy to use. The following are a few of the best in the market: Adobe Spark, Visme, Design Wizard, and Canva.


But what matters most about the content you create is not just your colors and graphics (although these are huge - more on that in a later blog post), but that the subject matter of your content is such that it speaks directly to the clientele you hope to attract. Getting this right is both an art and a science, and the sooner you master it, the quicker you can build your follower base of “raving fans”.

Follow these tips for kickass content that sells:


The first step to creating your own killer content is understanding your audience. What life situations are they coming from and what is their background? What is their unique perspective on life? Why do they choose to follow the accounts they are following? Having a thorough understanding of what drives your Ideal Follower and why they do the things they do, will give you a considerable advantage over accounts who just have to guess these things to attract followers.

Next, you need to know what your ideal followers want or need. This will most likely be a solution to a problem they have, manifesting as anything from boredom and needing entertainment, to a professional service provider seeking an assistant for the day to day clerical tasks of their company. Finding out exactly what your Ideal Follower struggles with, will enable you to produce a response to their dilemma that they can’t ignore.

Once you know your ideal followers’ background and what drives them, as well as the specific problem(s) they have, you now need to provide them with value that responds directly to that dilemma in the form of IG posts (and/or stories + highlights + captions). THIS IS THE KEY to creating content that attracts followers who are eager and willing to engage with you, as well as potentially purchase any products/services you may provide. 

After figuring out exactly what kind of content you can post that speaks to your followers’ specific problem(s), it is time to brush up on the way you communicate. Are you communicating your solution in a way that catches potential followers' attention, and allows them to easily understand its value? Remember, even the most useful, valuable solutions become irrelevant if you don’t adequately communicate their value. A few ways to ensure your communication is on point: use the words and phrases your followers use to describe their problems, and how your content can alleviate their pain; speak directly to these topics. Take note of the posts/captions your followers respond to the most (note: silence is a response, too!) and adjust accordingly for future content.



Following these guidelines for your specific niche will allow you to connect with your audience and tailor your content directly to their needs, as well as grab their attention by using language they will understand and appreciate you for!


Download the Ideal Follower worksheet here, to nail your foundation for creating kickass content that sells.



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