How Knowing Your MBTI Personality Type Can Help You In Your CEO Journey

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What is an MBTI type? And why does it even matter, you may ask??


Well, the MBTI system (named after inventors Meyers and Briggs) is a scientific, psychology based personality typing system; it is commonly used in the workplace to help team members become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and how they can work together best as a team.


It is also highly useful for individuals on a self-awareness journey as the deep insights gained by doing it may surprise you...


The MBTI system works by typing people into one of 16 types, based entirely on their cognitive functioning - a measuring system which individuals are born with or develop early on in childhood; so if you’re ever wondering whether you may be switching types as an adult: it’s not possible (you may be taking on differing “styles” throughout your life based on your immediate life experiences, but you can never switch types)!


Since this personality typing system is based on cognitive functions alone, it has the ability to give you in depth insight not only into the behaviours that are typical of your type, but also the “whys” - the reason why you are the way you are.


A deeper understanding of the self has allowed countless people a more peaceful existence with less confusion and frustration as to why their life has been going a certain way; it can also afford the types useful everyday strategies to make their life easier and happier; and help them develop healthier coping mechanisms for dealing with the struggles we humans face.


CEO Application: as CEO’s running online businesses, knowing your MBTI type can help you identify your natural strengths and what you should be focusing your time on; it can also help you identify and accept your weaknesses, and guide you in making your life as a business owner easier by letting you know which areas you could outsource, saving you unnecessary headache and frustration.


Whether you are here for the benefits relating to your business or you are making progress in your personal development journey, learning about your MBTI type is sure to open your eyes, help you make sense of so many things about your self and your past, and in case you’re already a seasoned self-awareness diva - it will be sure to put a smile on your face (how can they know me so well???)!


This website offers a quick, fun quiz + overview: 


Want to get really serious?! This quiz is in-depth and introspective, and offers a whole other dimension of why you are the way you are: 


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