How Do I Even Begin Creating Content For A Business I Can Run From Home?

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Hey #CEOWomen!


Philine here - I posted a question sticker in stories yesterday, asking what aspect of business you need to learn about more; and all the answers that came back were centered around the same theme: How do I even begin creating content for a business I can run from home?


So today, I’m giving you my best answer to help you get started on some of the most important aspects in creating your dream business - creating content and building a community around your brand.


Whether you are a personal brand, company brand, or haven’t decided yet, the following tips ALL apply to you. Take a few hours, and see if you can implement them right after you finish reading this blog - the action takers win in this industry (not the perfectionists)!


 1. Just Start

As I stated above, action wins. So here’s your permission to stop overthinking and overcomplicating, and just: DO!!! It doesn’t have to be perfect - fyi it won’t be perfect for the first while: and that’s okay! Remember, most people are too busy focusing on their own insecurities to spend time judging you. And even if they judge, so what? You’ll still keep doing your sh*t, growing, and becoming successful: so f*ck what they say.


2. Get clear on who you want to serve

All GOOD content is centered around the same thing: what the needs of your audience are. So if you’re starting from scratch, you get to decide who you want to work with/for! You don’t have to create content for the whole world - just the micro slice of the pie you + your brand want to serve. Decide who that is by asking yourself these simple questions: what do I know a lot about? What am I really good at and can share about? Am I passionate about one of these things? What am I good at, that I also enjoy doing (it’s important to pick something you enjoy and won’t mind doing consistently - because content creation is a long term game!)?


 3. Create you first content

Don’t worry about figuring out the ultimate content strategy when you’re new to the game. Just start, get some feedback from your audience, and then you’ll have an idea what content type to create more of, and what doesn’t resonate so strongly, and then you can start getting more strategic.


4. Create great content

Great content should do 1 of 4 things:it should inspire, educate, entertain, or inform.

  • Create inspirational content to show your audience what’s possible and inspire them to better their lives or take action in some other way
  • Educational content does just that - it educates! Depending on the niche/industry you’re in, your audience might highly value tips, tricks, and hacks that quickly help them solve a small problem they have - and keep coming back to you for more!
  • Create entertaining content if you’re an influencer, entertainer, your audience loves it, or that’s just who you are! But not to worry, you don’t have to dance and be entertaining for most industries - unless that’s your thing and your audience relates to you that way!
  • Informational content is great for most niches - most audiences love it when you share relevant, helpful bits of information, and it will help them see you as an authority on your subject.

Note: the pieces of content you post should do either one of these things, and remember to choose their purpose with your niche and audience in mind. Remember to listen to the feedback from your audience specifically, and post more of the type of content that resonates with them the most.


5. The tools

I recommend Canva to anyone starting out in the content creation world - it’s simple, easy to learn, and there is a free version that you can sign up for and test to your heart's content. I know it’s cliche and everybody uses it - but why change something that already works? Also, there’s probably a reason that so many people swear by it, and it’s because it’s just that good… you can use this link to purchase the paid plan if you’re ready to commit, and I’ll get a small commission from your purchase.


These tips should be enough to help you get started with your Instagram account/business content, without completely overwhelming and leaving you burnt out trying to figure out everything on your own - believe me, I've been there! To learn about how to create content that sells effortlessly, check out this blog post.



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