Is Fear Of Failure Keeping You From Achieving Your Highest Goals?

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Is Fear Of Failure Keeping You From Achieving Your Highest Goals?

We've all heard the saying before: “Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try.”


But how does this translate into our day to day lives? And are we following this mantra to achieve our expected imminent success?


According to an article by Globe News Wire, 49% of Americans in a survey “admitted that fear of failure was the biggest roadblock to either not achieving their goals at all, or discouraging them from revisiting their goals”.1


This huge percentage of Americans not following their goals or seeing them through has become a monument to the 21st century - where so many people have lost faith in themselves or the system that giving it their best effort does not even seem like a viable course of action anymore.


In a culture that has become so far removed from its ideals, entrepreneurs may be struggling even more - struggling to be seen and get understanding for what they are doing from friends and family, to obtain funding critical to their ventures, and to help future clients see their value in the marketplace.




Do you count yourself among the naysayers who have lost hope, or do you stand with the strivers who fight to see potential transformed into practical development?


If you like many in the entrepreneurial community are battling the fear of failure, here are some tips that may help you:


Join a supportive online community

Finding like-minded individuals in our immediate circles can be difficult, so turning to online communities for entrepreneurial support is always a good idea.


Take the pressure off

Many millennials (and individuals of all ages) have been raised in an environment where failure is simply not an option. This upbringing, though it may sound badass to some, is not conducive to growth: being able to learn and grow in itself defines a space for failure and for being less than perfect. As adults, many of us need to re-adopt an attitude of compassion for ourselves and others who are in the beginning stages of something, and practice patience for the process.


Accept messy action

For some, fear of failure can act like a paralyzer - when it seems impossible to do something perfectly, it can become too scary to even start. To overcome this state, consider the concept of messy action: it may not be perfect because no one starting out could be perfect at it, but by starting anyway you are giving yourself the opportunity to achieve something while learning! And the sense of achievement is likely to act as an accelerator and propel your growth to even greater heights!


What is your biggest struggle when it come to dealing with failure? Let us know in the comments below.



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